Retrospective 4: Responsive Layout

Identify opportunities and revamp the website of a local NGO

Lots were drawn and Ng Yiu Hei, sy huang and I got the opportunity to help FoodBank SG. Since we were going to spend effort anyway, we decided to identify and solve an actual problem our NGO could use, and not just showcase our skills at making responsive layouts.

Food insecurity among Singaporeans
Willie is a persona we made to represent the volunteers of FoodBankSG
Re-organised the information architecture to reduce the steps needed to become a Donor, Volunteer or Beneficiary. These and the main navigation are now in a fixed header that persists no matter which page/section you are. Also, notice the live counter for the amount of food saved.
  • Upcoming events’ suggestions based on his interest — Customised events reaching the volunteers Vs Foodbank looking for volunteers
  • Reports of outcomes of his previous events — Fruit of his work.
*HDB — Housing Development Board. FBSG — Food Bank Singapore
  1. Understanding Food Insecurity in Singapore, Lien Centre for Social Innovation, 2018