I was asked to redesign 2 SGX webpages as part of a tech company’s hiring process. “As our business is fairly data, input and table heavy, a proxy is the SGX website.” It has been a month of silence since the submission, so I’m just gonna publish it here and hope to get feedback from you :)

1. SGX Stock Screener

First Impressions

  • It is clear what this page does and what can be done on this page. The “711 stocks found out of 711 using 0 criteria”, the tooltips, and the table design support this.
  • It is not cluttered.
  • Visual identity: The pattern in the Header banner could be used to reinforce…

Keeping patients with chronic diseases engaged. Structuring patient support group operations.

Mysupnet’s logo is a ginkgo leaf. It symbolizes longevity & endurance in Japanese art.

The problem

Scope — PayPal SG landing page (desktop layout only)

List of findings

1. Topmost section (first fold) of landing page

Redesign of pre-natal dating scan reports

Throwback Tuesday: The mobile app design challenge that got me into the UX programme at General Assembly

This showed up in one of my group chats and it reminded me of my first app design attempt.

Team project to deliver the client- easyclaim.sg ’s requirements

The brief from the client

Identify opportunities and revamp the website of a local NGO

Identify opportunities and redesign an existing mobile app

Redesign the information architecture (IA) of a university website and present a clickable prototype showing key page layouts

One of the 3 user personas given that was chosen to form the basis of the IA

Create a rapid prototype for a mobile app to solve a problem given to me

User Research

Kurien Kalarickal

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