I was asked to redesign 2 SGX webpages as part of a tech company’s hiring process. “As our business is fairly data, input and table heavy, a proxy is the SGX website.” It has been a month of silence since the submission, so I’m just gonna publish it here and hope to get feedback from you :)

Design Challenge: Re-design the SGX Website (2 pages)
Expectation: 2 prototypes with the same functionality and content as existing pages. And notes to help us understand your thought processes and choices
Format: Anything, can be a PDF, Invision, Figma….your choice
Design Style: Anything, your choice, even comic sans is fine

1. SGX Stock Screener

First Impressions

  • It is clear what this page does and what can be done on this page. The “711 stocks found out of 711 using 0 criteria”, the tooltips, and the table design support this.
  • It is not cluttered.
  • Visual identity: The pattern in the Header banner could be used to reinforce…

Kurien Kalarickal

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