I was asked to redesign 2 SGX webpages as part of a tech company’s hiring process. “As our business is fairly data, input and table heavy, a proxy is the SGX website.” It has been a month of silence since the submission, so I’m just gonna publish it here and hope to get feedback from you :)

Design Challenge: Re-design the SGX Website (2 pages)
Expectation: 2 prototypes with the same functionality and content as existing pages. And notes to help us understand your thought processes and choices
Format: Anything, can be a PDF, Invision, Figma….your choice
Design Style: Anything, your choice, even comic sans is fine

1. SGX Stock Screener

First Impressions

  • It is clear what this page does and what can be done on this page. The “711 stocks found out of 711 using 0 criteria”, the tooltips, and the table design support this.
  • It is not cluttered.
  • Visual identity: The pattern in the Header banner could be used to reinforce…

Keeping patients with chronic diseases engaged. Structuring patient support group operations.

Mysupnet’s logo is a ginkgo leaf. It symbolizes longevity & endurance in Japanese art.

My friend approached me in Oct 2018, right before I was finishing up my UX Design course, to help him out with the UI work for a product idea he had been working on for a couple of years. I agreed thinking it’ll be good practice for me while also being for a great cause. Little did I know that I’d be sucked into a full-fledged UX project that has been most satisfying till today.

The problem

Chronic diseases are lifelong medical conditions like heart disease, stroke, hypertension, diabetes, depression etc. which are typically progressive. They are the leading cause of death…

Scope — PayPal SG landing page (desktop layout only)

This was part of a design challenge in which the company ghosted me after I had submitted. Paypal SG was their client. So instead of letting the work go to waste, I thought I’d publish it here.

I’ve done heuristics evaluations before, mostly based on Nielsen’s and Abby-the-IA’s heuristics. I am not even sure if this is the best format to do it. But here goes. Veterans, please nourish this UX-baby with your feedback.

List of findings

1. Topmost section (first fold) of landing page

1.1. The most prominent call-to-action button (SIGN UP), is targeted at first-time visitors / non-users of PayPal. However, the majority of the content of the topmost…

Redesign of pre-natal dating scan reports

So, my sis (in-law) messaged me her 1st-trimester check-up report, with the pic of the foetus. I joked that it looks like she is pregnant with a bird inside her.

“Yeah, I still haven’t figured out which way to look at this! But now that you said it…” — Her.

I looked at the rest of the scan report and let’s just say, that I only understood the prepositions and conjunctions in that whole document:

Throwback Tuesday: The mobile app design challenge that got me into the UX programme at General Assembly

I graduated from the UX Design course about a month ago and I am currently going through the most enjoyable phase of work-life — job hunt (while also rekindling the love affair I had with my bed and TV). I must admit that I am also harbouring very satisfying fantasies of massive Christmas trees falling on top of the HR people of companies I have applied to, but never responded. On that note, Merry Christmas everyone.

This showed up in one of my group chats and it reminded me of my first app design attempt.

From my own experiences, and informal chats with friends over dinner (which we split equally), I identified the major pain points.

Team project to deliver the client- easyclaim.sg ’s requirements

Easyclaims.sg is a web portal that enables employees make their flexible benefits’ claims. The main users of the portal are employees, HR managers and insurance brokers.

The brief from the client

This was a 3-week project with Camilla Loh, Ng Yiu Hei and James Chew. Given the time constraints, we narrowed down our scope by focussing on just the employees. Our user interviews with 10 people with prior experience making claims, revealed the prime criteria wanted in a claims portal:

Identify opportunities and revamp the website of a local NGO

Lots were drawn and Ng Yiu Hei, sy huang and I got the opportunity to help FoodBank SG. Since we were going to spend effort anyway, we decided to identify and solve an actual problem our NGO could use, and not just showcase our skills at making responsive layouts.

For the uninitiated, the food wastage in Singapore last year alone was 809, 800, 000 kgs. In layman terms, it is the equivalent of everyone in Singapore throwing away 2 bowls of rice, every day. And then we have

Identify opportunities and redesign an existing mobile app

This was a team project with Camilla Loh & Chloe Tang and we chose the MyTransport SG app. It is owned by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) of Singapore and has low ratings in both the Android and iPhone markets. Since it will eventually be in our portfolios, it made sense to go after the big boys.

Redesign the information architecture (IA) of a university website and present a clickable prototype showing key page layouts

This was a team project with Erin Toh and we were assigned to redesign the NTU School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering’s website.

One of the 3 user personas given that was chosen to form the basis of the IA


We started off with a quick usability tear-down in which we assumed the personas and simulated their user-flows on the EEE website (something like a cognitive walk-through) while doing a heuristic evaluation at each step, noting which of Nielsen’s 10 was getting violated. A usability rating score of 1–5 was given so we could prioritise rectifying the low-scorers first.

Create a rapid prototype for a mobile app to solve a problem given to me

My category was ‘food’ and the problem given to me was:

“I like to have supper but I don’t know if the place is crowded or not” — User 1

User Research

Before I dived into my user interview questionnaire, I set my research goals. I zoomed out from the specific criterion of crowdedness, the specific meal of supper, and wanted to find out:
-WHAT are people’s criteria when selecting a restaurant?
-WHEN do people book restaurants beforehand?
-HOW do they currently book restaurants?
-WHY do they use these methods?

That makes people who make prior reservations at restaurants my target users

Kurien Kalarickal

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